Rush Hour System Version 1.0 (Father System)

A System that provides immediates health solutions to Trauma and Accidents victims

Rush Hour System + OpenXC Data Integrations

This app is nicknamed Father System because it has a daughter system called (FIRST HOUR SYSTEM) an app that was also submitted for this Trauma contest.


Accidents is a sudden event,something that can occur anytime. it is a spontaneous reaction that can occur with little or no triggering, with or without human knowledge.The question is; what do we do when accidents occur?. One can administer First Aids if the injuries were minor(see my app titled "FIRST HOUR SYSTEM" for details) and consequently, if the injuries were severe, the accidents victims needs to be rushed to any nearest Medical Centers or one can choose to contact any Nearest Ambulance Services Stations or Police Services Station for emergency rescue. The First Hour after the accidents occurrence is commonly refered to as the Golden Hour. I could remember my grand mother of the blessed memory that was knock down by a car in a remote place and because my country

was technologically poor, we could not easily locate any nearby hospital within the golden hour. When we finally rushed her to one of the local hospital in the nearby vicinity, She immediately stop breathing and before I could say Jack Robbinson,she died of internal bleeding and cardiac heart arrest.

Doctor Benjamin Leonard, a Surgeon who tries operating on her told me that had it been I was a minute faster that her life could have been saved and this is where the technology of this apps titled (RUSH HOUR SYSTEM) comes in.

RUSH HOUR SYSTEM(Father System) + OpenXC Data Integrations

This app was designed to solve all the problems arising from roads accidents and to show Roads conditions and Vehicle performance via OpenXc Data Integrations. The app was technological build to provide the list of all the Medical Centers/Hospitals, Ambulance Services Stations and police services stations along with their locations, addresses and their emergency contacts.All this services can be contacted in the event of any road accidents. All this data is made possible from informations pulled from Google Search Cloud that were warehoused in the apps remote database.

When a User or any Accidents Victims tries to contact any of above listed Services(hospitals, Ambulance and Police), the apps provides an automatic components that allows communication exchange between the user and any of the chosen services via

1: Whatsapp like Chat message exchange

2: Online/Offline SMS text Messages via Geo-SMS Components.

3: Automatic Phone call Synchronisation all from the APPs System.

This pre-network emergency communications hand shake will enable the concerned Medical Services, Ambulance Services and Police Services Stations to know the details of the accident scenario urgency and make immediate preparation towards conveying the victims to any nearby medical Centers.

To continually enrich the Emergency Services, this apps comes with a package that allows all the Hopitals,Ambulance Services and Polices stations in every locality in Delhi to make a pre-registrations of their services details like the name of their Services Stations, Hotline Mobile Contacts,Addresses and their Locations etc.

All this submitted data will be geo-coded in the google cloud to provide their detailed exact locations(via geo Longitudes and Latitudes),nearest route on the digital google map for easy access by the needy.

Within this app is an ACCIDENT SCENE LOCATION AUTO DETECTION components that enable the users to auto detects the accidents scene(via his current position) to select any nearby Services of their choice be it Medical Centers, Ambulance Services,Polices Services for emergency Contacts. Based on geo-location auto detection searched, the app does a geo-mathematical calculation by 1: Checking the nearest Services Stations and provides internal links to their Services Contact Profiles,

2: The app Calculates the traveling distance between the 2 locality(Ie User/Accident Victim Geo-Location & the location of Services Stations)in meters(M),

3: And also tell the User the time it will take him to get the closest Services Stations.

This app also comes with a Advanced Search Engine Package that enable the needy/ user to search and contact any emergency services based on their location juding from the accident scene. All the cities in Delhi were covered ranging from Qutab Minar, Siri, Tughlqabad, Jahanpanah, Firozobad, City around Purana Qila, Shahjahanabad and New Delhi respectively.

Within this apps is a share Accidents updates and Comments packages that allows usess to share their knowledge on where the accidents occured, what causes roads accidents,hows to mitigates them etc. All the Users/needy are allow to comments and likes any updates that was shared. This also serves as an avenue where Delhi Governments and Road Safety Officials can make public notices of Traffics, Road Blocakges that can leads to accidents.

Because accidents Scene are always hectic and out of panic, the users/needy or the accident victims may be confused on Emergency Services to contact. To calm down this panic, this app was built with an easy to use package that allows the user to send an Emgerncy SMS Message Broadcast to all the available Emergency Servicies in Delhi. The beauty of this package is that even if there 1000 medicals Centers, Ambulance Services, Police station, all this services will recieve an automatic Emergency Messages at a Single Push(Click of Button).

This in turn means that If Emergency Services A was unable to come then Services B will do because the SMS Messages was broadcasted to all of them.

This app also comes with a Search Engine Tracking Components that enable both Users,Hospitals/Medical Centers, Ambulance Services, Police Divisions to search and locate any user they wants to contact on medical purposes. This components allows searching of any body, places via the persons Username, Id, Fullname and Location(Eg. Firozobad). (For instance, when a user sends an SMS messages to any Services eg. to Medical Center, the SMS is sent with the Username of the sender along with the SMS messages. To track and contact the User that sends the SMS, the hospital will have to search with this package using the username of that very SMS sender for easy tracking and contact reaching)

Also in this app is a SHARE YOUR JOY components that enable the users to shared their experiences,Joys etc on how this app helps them to save millions of lives of accident victims and their loved ones.

To be able to gather the accurate Road accidents statistics, this apps comes with a components that enable Delhi Police Services to document and submit their daily road accidents reports with details of what happens like what caused the accident, the number of casualty involved, the victim that are Un-injured, those that are Injured and those that died. All this data provided in this package is used to automate a statistical and graphical data via Fequency Polygon and BarChar statistical Distributions Analysis which was coded by relying on the statistical measurement of central tendency(Mean, Modes, Variance and Standard Deviations).

This Graphs show the total monthly number of accidents that occurred, no of Victims that were Un-Injured, the no of victim that were injured and those that died in the accident crash. The order of the graphical distribution plotted is "No of Un-Injured vs Injured vs Dead"

For every road accidents reports submitted by "Delhi Police Squard" within this app, the apps database and its graphs gets updated automatically.

OpenXC Data Integration

OpenXC Vehicle Data Performance: this components utilizes OpenXC Data visualisation to check Roads and Vehicle conditions, vehicle Performance at any given time by leveraging OpenXC Longitude & Latitudes, Vehicle Fuel Level,Accelerator Pedal Positions, Steering Wheel Angle, Vehicle Speed etc. By default most OpenXC data values are in KM so I converted some to Miles and change OpenXC Timestamp to to a readable time format to ensure high precision for Vehicle Monitoring and Performance. OpenXC Vehicle Google Mapping and automatic Vehicle Graphical Performance were coded by carring out OPENXC data extraction via a new form ipnut to get OpenXC JSON data straight to the apps database.

I appreciate the time you spent in reading all this. Thank You

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