First Hour System Version 1.0 (Daughter System)

A System components that provides first care health solutions to victims of an Accidents

First Hour System Version 1.0(Daughter System)

This app is nicknamed Daughter System because its a precursor(step) to its venerable Father System called (RUSH HOUR SYSTEM) an app that was also submitted for this Trauma contest.


The first hour after an accident is called the Golden Hour and within this time, accident victims need to be given an immediate First Aids treatments and then rushed to any nearby medical Center within 60 minutes if the injuries were severe to ensure a good chance of survival. This app if Carefully adhere to will ensure that life will never be lost. Even in emergent and life critical situations, you as a Passer-by on the accident scene can equally become a Doctor and Save Lifes of accidents Victims.

Remember one good turn deserves another as life you saved today may also help save yours tomorrow...Dr. Michael Richard


This app was coded to run offline (by 99.99%) and as such does not requires internet connections except on One application compnents and that is where TECHNOLOGICAL DEPENDENCY comes in. This dependency relies on the ability of the app system to make Data Synchronisation to a Remote Server that enable its to displays all the available Medical Centers,Police Stations and Ambulance Services in Delhi. This means that whenever this Components is to be accessed, internet connection must be needed.

Apps Functionality and Workability:

This First Hour System was built with 4 major packages

1: Firts Aids and Emergency Treatments

2: Emergency Contacts & Data Synchronisation

3: Road Safety Mobility

4: Roads Signs and Symbols

First Aids and Emergency Treatments.

This components was built to provide Users with details informations and advices on how to approach an accident scene whenever accident occur. what to do and what not to do. The app keeps on alarming the user on safety of himself and safety of the victims of accidents. Within this app is a components that emphasizes on series of injuries that can be sustained in a Road accidents and how to treat and mitigates them. All this treatments comes with a Diagramatical Procedural Pictures that can enable anyone to provide immediate medical solution to accident victims without you being a Doctor or a Physician.

Treatments that can be applied depends on the kind of injuries sustained by the accident victims, while waiting for the arrival of Medical Rescue Squad all within a Golden Hour. Such treatment covers:

1: Bleedings, Wounds and Injuries, 2: Cuts and Grazes, 3: Accidental Burns, 4: Fractures and Dislocations, 5: Bruise, 6: Lack of Breathing and Heart beat which may be due to accidental Shock and Cardiac Arrest which can be restored via CPR. This application Components also cover injuries due to Accidental Choking and Drowning which can occur when car crash into water bodies.

Emergency Contacts & Data Synchronisation:

This Components provides the user and accident victims with the detail Emergency contacts of all the various hospitals/Medical Centers,Ambulance Services and Medical Rescue Team/Police Services Stations in every city in Delhi along with their contacts address and Automatic Phone call Synchronisation to any of the Emergency Services all from the APP System.

This components also have a packages that enable the user to search and Locate the nearest medical Services, Ambulance Services, Police Stations judging from accident scene all by Data Synchronisation Component which pulls the information from the apps Remote Server. All the Cities in Delhi were covered ranging from Qutab Minar, Siri, Tughlqabad, Jahanpanah, Firozobad, City around Purana Qila, Shahjahanabad and New Delhi respectively

Road Safety Mobility

This Systems was technologically designed to equip the Users with causes of road accidents, the Safety Precautions and tips they should to take so as to be free of accidents. Prevention is better than cure says Dr. John Mason....... This Safety precautions is applied to all Drivers, Cyclist, Bycylist and Pedestrains in Delhi India.

Roads Signs and Symbols

Road Safety Statistics has confirm that apart from reckless driving, driving under alcohol influence etc. that one of the most dangerous causes of road accidents is the inability of the Drivers, Cyclist, Bycylist and Pedestrains to identify various Roads Sign and Symbols and how it works. This app will help prevent all this accidents by providing a diagramatical pictures of all the Road Signs, their meaning and its effects or representations on the roads. This technology was coded to cover

1: Speed Restriction Signs

2: Road Closed Warning Signs

3: Instructive Signs

4: Parking and Stopping Signs

5: Traffic Regulatory Signs

6: Warning Signs

7: Informative Signs

The End.

Thank You.

Father System

It is time to embrace the father system called RUSH HOUR SYSTEM.

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